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#14 Chemical Profile & Biological Activities of E. Oils from the Amazon (Brazil) By Joyce kelly

In Research Aromatica fourteen, Joyce kelly do Rosário da Silva talks to us about the diverse ecosystem of the Brazillian Amazon Rainforest.

Informational Handout:

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About Joyce:

Joyce kelly do Rosário da Silva has a Ph. D in Organic Chemistry from the Federal University of Pará (Brazil) and post-doctorate in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Alabama in Huntsville (USA). She is currently Associate Professor at the Faculty of Biotechnology of the Institute of Biological Sciences and Graduate program in Biotechnology at UFPA. She is an affiliated member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences and Productivity scholarship of the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development. In addition, she was the first woman in the Amazon Region to be laureated with the prize "For Women in Science" promoted by UNESCO, L’Oréal and Brazilian Academy of Sciences. In the last ten years, she has published around 80 scientific papers in the field of Chemistry of Natural Products, especially on essential oils and aromas. Her research interests involve the study of chemical composition, bioprospecting of biological activities, variation of metabolites during plant-pathogen interaction and different cultivation conditions, development of new products from essential oils and molecular biology of plants.


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