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#10 Amazonian Essential Oils for Forest Regeneration By: Robin Van Loon

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

In Research Aromatica Ten, Van Loon discusses his work at Camino Verde in the Amazon.

Accompanying handout with information:

Download PDF • 36.43MB

About Robin:

Founder and Executive Director of Camino Verde, Robin has lived in the Tambopata province of the Peruvian Amazon since 2004. A long-time student of traditional and indigenous agriculture and medicinal practices, his work has focused on developing community-based reforestation strategies to regenerate important endangered plants of the Amazon. He is a writer, regenerative designer, and consultant in agroforestry, reforestation, and regenerative development.

Our Follow Up Podcast:

We followed up the webinar with a more indepth look at Robin himself, and how he got to be where he is.

Some of the things we talk about:

  1. Regenerative Economics

  2. Conservation of the future

  3. The Amazon Stereotype

Production Video:

For more information about Rosewood See our Production Video here:


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