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#6 The Importance of Cannabis Testing By: Alec Anderson

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

For all medicinal products, laboratory testing has been at the core of validating product quality and safety. In emerging markets, especially those centered around innovating and exciting new methods for treatment, many challenges arise which range from production and efficiency issues to adulteration. The cannabis market, which currently resides in a legal limbo in most areas, is unique in its challenges. A majority of the industry knowledge is currently based in entities and individuals that operated illicitly previously and are now attempting to comply with the convoluted and varying regulations that are being placed around the globe. With an industry that was once operating with zero quality controls, the adjustment to a highly regulated and controlled environment can prove to be difficult. Regulations and testing requirements may at first seem to be bureaucratic red tape that only adds to the overhead of an operation, but upon closer examination, numerous benefits can be extrapolated from laboratory testing that can dramatically increase a product’s value.

In this presentation, we will examine the three core groups of testing benefits which are Regulatory/Safety, Process Control, and Marketing. Regulatory/Safety benefits ensure the quality of your product is above board and of value to your customers. Process control benefits help you diagnose problems with production and dial in your procedures to yield a lean, efficient, and robust process. Marketing benefits help sell your product and gain an edge on the highly competitive cannabis market. Laboratory testing is a quintessential part of any medicinal manufacturer, and these benefits are of value to any company participating in cannabis industry, although this information may also be applicable to other markets and industries.An introduction to formulating with CBD will present the basics of what is being done with CBD currently in the marketplace. We will discuss what CBD from hemp is, how it is being consumed today, and what is working versus what to avoid.

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