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#13 The CITES Convention By Martin Hitziger

In Research Aromatica thirteen, Martin Hitziger of CITES, talks to us about the CITES Convention – International Regulations for Trade in Endangered Species and Their Implementation for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

Informational Handout:

Download PDF • 2.31MB

About Martin:

Martin Hitziger is an environmental scientist and decision scientist. As associated Plant Species Officer in the Scientific Services Unit of the CITES Secretariat, he supports the implementation of CITES mandates and processes related to medicinal and aromatic plant species, such as African Cherry, Agarwood, and Orchids. He also is involved in the process for the recent working group set up on Boswellia. Previously, he held research positions in the fields of medicinal plant species, intercultural public health, and transdisciplinary North-South collaboration at University of Zurich and ETH Zurich. Martin has fieldwork and intercultural facilitation experience in Colombia, Ecuador, French Guyana, Guatemala, India, Chad, and Tanzania.


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