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The Role of Holism in Aromatherapy

By: Amanda Lattin // Episode Host: Aaron Sorensen // Webinar made possible by Aromatic Plant Research Center
 OCT. 14th  I  12 PM EST 

Season 02

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We are proud to take the next step in our journey to provide a collaborative effort in education and discovery in the aromatic plant world. It is our mission to make the expert knowledge of researchers, scientists, and entrepreneurs in the aromatic industry accessible to you on an internet platform.

  • Speaker 17: Amanda Lattin
    Speaker 17: Amanda Lattin
    Oct 14, 11:00 AM
    In Research Aromatica seventeen, Amanda Lattin, a chemist, teacher, practicing herbalist & aromatherapist will talk about holism in aromatherapy.
  • Speaker 18: Dr. Peter Lovett
    Speaker 18: Dr. Peter Lovett
    Nov 12, 11:00 AM
    In Research Aromatica #18 Dr. Peter Lovett will take us through is presentation on, "Actioning Business Cases for Restoring Regenerative Agroforestry across West African Shea Landscapes"
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What is Research Aromatica?

APRC is proud to present Research Aromatica, a collaborative effort in providing education and new discoveries to the general public and the aromatic and medicinal industry on an international platform.

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It is our mission to make the expert knowledge of researchers, scientists, and entrepreneurs in the aromatic plant world accessible to you on a webinar platform. 

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